ICS Cybersecurity and the Devil's Rope

    ICS Cybersecurity and the Devil's Rope

    Safety, reliability, and profitability within critical infrastructure facilities face a growing, worldwide threat from cyber attacks. Today's cyber versions of barbed wire, or the Devil’s Rope, are being cut through by outlaws and malicous insiders. Many ICS asset owners lack an understanding of their true risk – particularly from industrial control system vulnerabilities.

    Exploitation of vulnerabilities in industrial networks can lead to significant consequences, but they are difficult to identify and remediate using current methods of spreadsheets and emails. Automating discovery of ICS assets and eliminating vulnerabilities should be a top priority for ICS cybersecurity teams.

    This paper examines:

    • How the Devil’s Rope of today has left our industrial plants vulnerable
    • What are the current ICS vulnerability management challenges
    • Why taking a production-centric approach is a better way to manage ICS vulnerabilities 

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