Backup & Recovery

PAS Cyber Integrity™ collects backups of proprietary industrial control systems helping speed recovery in the event a lost or breached system. Learn more >

When the Worst Case Scenario Happens, Are You Prepared?

Fact: The best ICS cybersecurity defense strategies must anticipate a breach or system loss that affects industrial operations.


When the unthinkable happens, how long will it take you to recover?

Backup What Matters

Remember, it is not a matter of if, but of when.  If you don’t have a comprehensive backup of your proprietary industrial control systems, slow recovery times can impact the bottom line.

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Recover Quickly and Minimize Impact

  • Automate onsite and offsite backups for all major proprietary control systems
  • Integrate proprietary system backups into disaster recovery plans
  • Accelerate recovery from an outage or cyber incident
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