Patch Management

PAS Cyber Integrity™ automates end-to-end, closed-loop patch management, enabling organizations to assess the applicability of patches and drive the testing, implementation, and mitigation of patches using workflows. Learn more >

To Patch or Not to Patch?

 Fact: Patch management in today’s control system network lacks the critical automation capabilities required to meet ICS cybersecurity best practices and compliance audit standards.

How automated and auditable are your current patch processes?

A Need for Automation

Implementing closed-loop, automated ICS patch processes will:

  • Improve visibility into patch applicability
  • Ensure testing prior to implementation
  • Mitigate the risk of production outages
  • Ensure consistent patch processes across multiple sites
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Ensure Closed-Loop Patch Processes

  • Access the relevance and impact of Microsoft™ patches and vendor bulletins
  • Drive the patch testing, implementation, and mitigation using workflows
  • Audit patch processes for internal and regulatory compliance
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