Risk Analytics

PAS Cyber Integrity™ identifies cybersecurity risks to both IT and OT endpoints, continuously measures multi-vendor system security posture, and visualizes risk propagation.  Learn more >

Are There OT Endpoint Risks You Can’t See?

Fact: The increase in the number of connected sensors and devices in OT environments creates an attack surface of unprecedented depth and breadth.

Do you have the visibility, context, and situational awareness required to discover OT cyber risks and expedite remediation?

IT/OT Risk Analytics for Comprehensive and Continuous OT Endpoint Security

Protect industrial control systems by identifying, prioritizing, and remediating OT cybersecurity risks.
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Identify and Visualize OT Endpoint Risk

Continuous Endpoint Risk Visualization

Simplified visualization of asset risk based upon vulnerabilities, patch status, and baseline deviations

Endpoint Relationships & Risk Propagation

Topologic view of at-risk endpoints, dependencies, connections, and potential risk propagation paths

IT & OT Endpoint Risk Perspectives

Shared IT/OT risk perspectives to accelerate troubleshooting, incident response, risk prioritization, and remediation

Joint IT/OT Forensics and Response Platform

Deep insight into root cause of OT cybersecurity incidents and systematic workflows for incident response and forensic analysis

Continuous Endpoint Risk Visualization

Cyber Integrity continuously measures OT endpoint security posture across all major automation systems in a unique, automated way, helping both IT and OT cybersecurity professionals identify and visualize OT cybersecurity risk.

  • Identify at-risk OT endpoints using topological views
  • Analyze endpoint risk based on vulnerabilities, patch status, and baseline deviation data
  • Discover endpoint security degradation and identify ways to proactively reduce the attack surface

Endpoint Relationships and Risk Propagation

Cyber Integrity discovers at-risk OT endpoints and maps their relationships and connections with other endpoints and role in the process.

  • Understand endpoint connections, communications paths, process criticality
  • Visualize risk propagation based on relationships and connection paths
  • Pinpoint how an attacker can use a compromised OT endpoint, such as an engineering workstation, to pivot through the OT environment

IT and OT Endpoint Risk Perspectives

Cyber Integrity provides the IT and OT endpoint risk perspectives IT and OT security professionals need to accelerate troubleshooting, risk prioritization, remediation, and incident response.

  • Create, save, and share views of at-risk endpoints
  • Provide comprehensive, evergreen OT cyber risk situational awareness to cybersecurity professionals as well as process control engineers
  • Monitor the current state of endpoint risk from investigation through remediation

Joint IT/OT Forensics and Response Platform

Cyber Integrity provides deep insight into the root cause of OT cyber incidents and workflow that both IT and OT teams can use to track incident response, forensic analysis, and risk remediation progress.

  • View control strategies, configuration baseline deviations, and change history for all OT endpoints
  • Understand data flows and device interrelationships
  • Pivot smoothly between cyber threat detection, investigation, and remediation activities