Vulnerability Management

PAS Cyber Integrity™ provides continuous OT vulnerability management for traditional IT and proprietary systems in industrial facilities, enabling comprehensive visibility into risk and driving auditable risk mitigation through workflow automation*. Learn more >

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Are There ICS Vulnerabilities You Can't See?

Fact: Published vulnerabilities on OT systems in industrial facilities have increased elevenfold since 2010 (ICS-CERT).

ICS-CERT issues a critical, Level 1 vulnerability advisory. Do you know your enterprise-wide exposure to safety and reliability risks?

Continuous OT Vulnerability Assessment for Complex, Multi-Vendor OT Environments

Protect industrial control systems by finding and remediating vulnerabilities before internal and external threat actors exploit them.
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Automated Vulnerability Assessment

Cyber Integrity automates vulnerability assessment by using the latest data from NIST’s National Vulnerability Database (NVD) to assess which ICS assets have vulnerabilities that put production systems at risk.

Implementing automated vulnerability assessment will:

  • Eliminate manual, inconsistent assessment data collection and reporting tasks
  • Identify when new vulnerabilities present risk to production safety and reliability
  • Enable continuous visibility into vulnerabilities threatening industrial facilities

Remediation and Mitigation Workflows*

Cyber Integrity vulnerability remediation and mitigation workflows give a continuous view into the current state of investigation efforts ensuring appropriate actions and timely, consistent vulnerability tracking and reporting.

Using vulnerability remediation and mitigation workflows will:

  • Improve the effectiveness of vulnerability remediation and mitigation efforts
  • Enable accurate auditing of activities and status
  • Reduce the risk of OT asset vulnerability exploitation

* Requires Cyber Integrity – Enterprise

Closed-Loop Patch Management*

Cyber Integrity automates end-to-end, closed-loop patch management, enabling organizations to assess the applicability of patches, drive the testing, implementation, and mitigation of patches using workflows, and audit patch processes for internal and regulatory compliance.

Implementing a closed-loop, automated OT patch process will:

  • Improve visibility into Microsoft® patch applicability
  • Support testing processes
  • Mitigate the risk of production outages
  • Ensure consistent patch processes across multiple sites

* Requires Cyber Integrity – Enterprise

Vulnerability Dashboards & Trend Views*

Cyber Integrity vulnerability management dashboards provide asset owners, facility engineers and staff, OT and IT cybersecurity professionals, and the executive leadership team visibility into the vulnerability data and KPIs that inform remediation and cyber risk management decisions. 

Using vulnerability dashboards and trend views will:

  • Enable consistent measurement of vulnerability management compliance over time
  • Improve visibility into efficacy and value of OT vulnerability management program investments
  • Drive improvements and accountability in OT vulnerability management practices

* Workflow-related dashboards and reports require Cyber Integrity – Enterprise