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PAS Cyber Integrity Earns Technology Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan

PAS Global Named Leader in the Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Market

November 27, 2018

HOUSTON, TX – PAS Global LLC, the leading solution provider of industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity, process safety, and asset reliability in the energy, power, and process industries, is named the Frost & Sullivan 2018 North American Technology Innovation Award winner for its ICS cybersecurity software, Cyber Integrity™.  Frost & Sullivan analysts independently evaluated technology attributes and future business value for this prestigious annual award. Frost & Sullivan is a global analyst and consulting firm with coverage in the industrial control, Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity sectors.

“With the rapid proliferation of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), automation and security systems—e.g., industrial control systems—account for over 50 percent of all IoT devices,” says Danielle VanZandt, Security Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Industry best practices for monitoring, detection, and correction of cyber risk must evolve beyond traditional methods. Frost & Sullivan's research team lauds PAS for offering industry-leading technologies that monitor and secure operational technology (OT) ecosystems adequately through a comprehensive set of ICS management capabilities: inventory, configuration, vulnerability, compliance, and backup and recovery.”

PAS Cyber Integrity hardens security for the most mission-critical assets in a plant, the industrial control systems. Cyber Integrity works across the heterogeneous automation environment, providing foundational ICS cybersecurity, enterprise scalability, performance, and platform independence. At the same time, it automates internal and regulatory compliance reporting while reducing associated efforts by up to 90 percent. Cyber Integrity enables industrial companies to:

  • Gather and maintain a complete and accurate inventory of traditional IT and proprietary OT cyber assets,

  • Baseline and monitor for unauthorized change to cyber asset configurations,

  • Automate a closed loop vulnerability management and patch process throughout the enterprise, and

  • Implement a program for system backup and recovery.

Cyber Integrity is a proven solution built upon the PAS Integrity™ platform, which today manages configurations for hundreds of worldwide customers. PAS solutions are installed in more than 70 countries in over 1,380 industrial facilities including 13 of the top 15 chemical companies, 10 of the top 15 refining companies, and 5 of the top 15 power companies in the world. 

“We are thrilled that Frost & Sullivan has again recognized PAS as a leader in the ICS cybersecurity space,” says Eddie Habibi, founder and CEO of PAS Global, LLC. “We have been working for more than 25 years to help industrial facilities ensure secure, safe, and profitable operations. PAS Cyber Integrity uniquely provides them with deep insight into the industrial endpoints that are not visible using other solutions. The Frost & Sullivan award further signifies that we are making a difference in the industrial cybersecurity space and that our customers affirm the value of PAS solutions.”
About PAS
Founded in 1993, PAS is a leading provider of software solutions for ICS cybersecurity, process safety, and asset reliability to the energy, process, and power industries worldwide. PAS solutions include industrial control system cybersecurity, automation asset management, IPL assurance, alarm management, high performance HMI™, boundary management, and control loop performance optimization. PAS was recently named the #1 Global Provider of Safety Lifecycle Management by ARC Advisory Group including #1 rankings within Chemical, Power Generation, Refining, and Oil & Gas. For more information, visit Connect with PAS on Twitter @PASGlobal or LinkedIn.
Download the Frost & Sullivan award paper.

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