Reduce ICS Cyber Risk: Find and Remediate Hidden ICS Vulnerabilities

    ICS Vulnerability Management

    February 28, 2018

    11:00 AM EST | 10:00 AM CST | 8:00 AM PST (17:00:00 UTC) 

    Attacks on ICS systems are rapidly escalating in terms of both frequency and sophistication. 2017 saw 193 new published ICS-CERT advisories – that is a 1035% jump from the 17 vulnerabilities published in 2010. ICS systems (Level 1 and 0) are the endpoints that matter most, as they are the endpoints primarily responsible for safety and production in power generation plants, chemical facilities, and refineries. However, far too many organizations lack visibility into control system vulnerabilities, continuing to rely on manual, error-prone, email- and spreadsheet-based vulnerability assessment and management – an approach that exposes industrial facilities to unacceptable production safety and reliability risks.

    Continuous, closed-loop ICS vulnerability management is foundational to protecting systems in production environments. Join Scott Hollis, director of product management at PAS Global, as he shows how PAS has used its more than two decades of experience in the power and process industry to support continuous vulnerability management for a broad range of Levels 2, 1, and 0 cyber assets. Learn more about how PAS Cyber Integrity automates the monitoring and evaluation of ICS vulnerabilities through a combination of an in-depth asset inventory and the NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD). See how the remediation and mitigation workflows Cyber Integrity provides enable a systematic, consistent, and cost-effective approach to vulnerability management to improve overall OT security in industrial facilities. Hear how you can use the customizable vulnerability management dashboards Cyber Integrity provides to give asset owners, plant staff, and the executive leadership team visibility in to the data they need to make informed vulnerability remediation and cyber risk management decisions.

    Key Takeaways: 

    • See how you can better protect industrial control systems by finding and remediating vulnerabilities before internal and external threat actors exploit them.
    • Learn how you can eliminate manual, inconsistent vulnerability assessment data collection and reporting tasks.
    • Discover how you can use highly customizable dashboards to get a continuous view into the current state of investigation efforts through workflows, drive remediation and mitigation actions, and see improvements and greater accountability in ICS vulnerability management practices.