Recorded: Protecting Cyber Assets & Manifest Destiny from the Industrial Internet of Threats

During the 1800s, settlers saw it as their “Manifest Destiny” to settle the American West; but, found their lands under attack by the cattlemen surrounding them. The Manifest Destiny of industrial process and power generation companies is under similar assault. Bands of outlaws, or hackers, are cutting down perimeter-based defenses and successfully infiltrating process control networks (PCN). They are aided by growing attack surfaces created by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) adoption; it is why IIoT is often referred to as the Industrial Internet of Threats. These and other factors put the highly complex, proprietary, and heterogeneous cyber assets in the plant at risk. 

Watch this recorded webinar for a discussion on the current landscape of ICS cybersecurity solutions. ISA shares how it advises companies to proceed and discusses “gotchas” that can derail an ICS cybersecurity initiative.