• PAS Releases Modular OT Cybersecurity Solution

    Mitigate OT Vulnerability Risk

    Cyber Integrity 7.2 Brings Holistic, Enterprise-Wide View of Risk Analytics

  • PAS Releases Sensor Data Integrity

    Ensure Configuration Data Integrity for Smart & Analog Sensors

  • PAS OptICS 2020

    PAS Is Now Part of Hexagon

    Creates a Powerhouse for Managing the Industrial Lifecycle

  • Enabling Remote Operations

    Ensure safe, continuous industrial operations from remote locations

  • Ensuring OT Integrity

    Optimize Cybersecurity, Process Safety, and Digitalization

PAS Solutions

Ensuring OT Integrity

Industrial operations are at a critical juncture. Learn how to optimize cybersecurity, process safety, & digitalization.

White Paper

OT/ICS Cybersecurity: You Cannot Secure What You Cannot See

Most OT/ICS inventories reflect only non-proprietary, IT-based assets, which are roughly only 20% of the cyber assets required for a comprehensive cybersecurity program. How do you secure the 80% you cannot see? 


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