• PAS OptICS 2020 Resource Center

    PAS OptICS 2020 Resource Center

    Watch sessions from PAS OptICS 2020 on demand for topics covering OT cybersecurity and process integrity in critical infrastructure. Our 2020 theme, “Connecting Across the PAS Community,” explores the key operational and cybersecurity challenges facing industrial organizations as well as best practices and strategies to address them. View use case and technical breakout sessions, industry keynotes, and panel discussions. Hear from industry peers, thought leaders, and PAS customers and partners.  View now >

  • Secure and Safe Operations in the Remote Work Era: COVID-19 and Beyond

    Secure and Safe Operations in the Remote Work Era: COVID-19 and Beyond

    The shift to remote work within industrial organizations has been underway for some time. COVID-19 has accelerated this shift, but also exposed potential cybersecurity and safety risks. Learn more about remote operations business drivers and current challenges. Hear from companies who have successfully enabled secure, safe remote operations. View now >

  • Mind the Gap: Understand the Distance Between IT and OT Cyber  Incident Forensic Analysis and Safe Restart

    Mind the Gap:
    Understand the Distance Between IT & OT Cyber Incident Forensic Analysis & Safe Restart

    “Mind the gap” – an advisory message used in the London Underground subway – reminds passengers to pay attention to the distance between the train and the platform. This same message can also help IT and OT teams better understand the distance between IT and OT cyber forensic analysis and safe restart in a converging IT/OT world.   View now >

  • Exploitable Vulnerabilities Hidden Deep in OT Assets

    Exploitable Vulnerabilities Hidden Deep in OT Assets

    A type of vulnerability in an OT cybersecurity strategy termed “delicate by design,” poses a great risk since many OT systems contain traits in their configuration schema that can be exploited by threat actors.  PAS conducted a statistical analysis on over 50,000 assets to identify common “delicate by design” attributes that increase cybersecurity risks. View now >

  • PAS Webinar

    Cyber Integrity 7.0 Release Announcement

    Industrial managers are more aware than ever of the cyber threats to production safety and reliability. However, OT cybersecurity maturity still lags IT cybersecurity. Maturity levels also often vary widely across sites. Learn how to take a practical, three-step approach to maturing OT cybersecurity throughout your organization. View now >

  • How An Electronic Materials Company Approached IT/OT Convergence

    How An Electronic Materials Company Approached IT/OT Convergence

    Learn how a CISO at a $1.3B electronic materials company successfully converged IT and Operational Technology (OT) teams despite differences in culture, technology, goals, and environment. Hear the challenges she faced, the approach taken, tools used, and what she would do differently if able to do it again. View now >

  • The State of OT Cybersecurity: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The State of OT Cybersecurity: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The last few years in OT cybersecurity have been a wild ride. Despite the many challenges that remain in the OT security world, much good has been achieved. Industrial organizations have generally improved their understanding of OT cyber assets and risk profiles. However, some bad – and even some ugly –issues remain. View now >

  • So You've Been Hacked. Now What?

    So You've Been Hacked. Now What?

    Best practices for improving OT cybersecurity are no longer a mystery. In this webinar, learn 8 strategies you can apply today to help your organization optimize its OT cybersecurity posture before an attack occurs and improve your response and recovery after an attack. View now >

  • Securing OT Systems: Where to Focus When You Can’t Fix Everything

    Securing OT Systems: Where to Focus When You Can’t Fix Everything

    Operational Technology (OT) cyber threats are real, but “fixing everything” to protect your organization just isn’t possible. Instead, protecting ICS requires understanding your current threat landscape, recognizing the security architecture for effective defense in your organization, and then determining where to focus first to secure IT and OT endpoints effectively. View now >

  • Keeping Critical Infrastructure Safe and Secure

    A Day in the Life of an OT Cybersecurity Expert

    This panel discussion with three OT cybersecurity experts dives into critical success factors for effectively managing OT risk while ensuring safe and reliable production within the plant. View now >

  • Effective ICS Vulnerability Management

    Even with a good ICS vulnerability management process, most companies struggle to keep up with the myriad ICS alerts and advisories issued by ICS-CERT and automation vendors each month.  It is tough to remediate a vulnerability when you don’t know what you have. In this recorded webinar, Sid Snitkin from ARC Advisory Group and Scott Hollis from PAS Global exchange views on the current state of industrial vulnerability management maturity and critique the relative effectiveness of existing approaches.  View now >

  • Learn best practices to manage OT vulnerabilities

    What Lies Beneath - Avoiding the Unseen Dangers of OT Vulnerabilities

    In today’s power plants and facilities, process control networks (PCNs) have their own sharks swimming just below the surface waiting to strike: vulnerabilities. In this recorded webinar, Steven Parker, Managing Partner of Archer Security Group and President of Energy Sector Security Consortium (EnergySec), and Scott Hollis, Director of Product Management at PAS, discuss the state of vulnerability management within the power industry and exchange best practices that leading power companies are employing to address risk.  View now >

  • Debunk the top 5 myths of ICS cybersecurity

    The Top 5 Myths of ICS Cybersecurity - Debunked!

    What are the top five ICS cybersecurity myths, and are they hindering you from securing your industrial process control environment? Hear from a panel of industry experts as they dive into the top five ICS cybersecurity myths – including air gapping and system complexity effectively provide protection from attack, cybersecurity personnel have visibility into most cyber assets in a facility, and more. View now >

  • The Power of Regulation Versus Well-Oiled Industry Standards

    The Power of Regulation Versus Well-Oiled Industry Standards

    It has become an ongoing debate – does government or self-regulation work better to secure an industry? Which of these two different drivers for industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity is better? Who is more prepared for the ever-evolving threat landscape facing today’s critical infrastructure? Listen to two industry veterans – one from Power and one from O&G – debate the merits of both approaches. Learn from their experience working within their respective areas and what companies must do to secure process control networks. View now >

  • See through the noise with ICS baseline

    See Through the Noise with Industrial Control System Configuration Baselines

    Industrial process control facilities need baselines to secure both production and IT-centric endpoints. Baselines allow facilities to monitor more easily the configuration changes that impact security, compliance, governance, and operations. In this webinar, learn how PAS Cyber Integrity's enhanced baseline capabilities significantly reduce the time that engineering and cybersecurity personnel spend investigating and pinpointing configuration changes. View now >