Inventory Management

PAS Cyber Integrity™ automates what IT-based solutions cannot: the collection and contextualization of both proprietary and traditional IT system configuration data including I/O cards, firmware, software installed, and control strategies into a single repository. A comprehensive, evergreen inventory is a prerequisite to establishing a security baseline, managing change, automating closed-loop patch management, supporting internal and external compliance requirements. Learn more >

What is Your Corporate Exposure to a Published ICS-CERT Vulnerability?

Fact: A detailed inventory spanning proprietary control systems and traditional IT systems can mean the difference between minutes versus days when assessing vulnerability risk.

How quickly can you respond?

The ICS Cybersecurity Iceberg:

You Cannot Secure What You Cannot See

of cyber assets are networked or "Inventory in Plain Sight"
of cyber assets are proprietary or "Hidden Inventory"

Making the Right Inventory Management Choice


  • Error prone
  • Stale
  • Resource intensive

ICS Vendor

  • Vendor-specific
  • Silo'd
  • Inconsistent


  • 20% coverage
  • Commodity
  • Circumventable
Cyber Integrity

Cyber Integrity

  • Automated OT & IT
  • Evergreen & efficient
  • Comprehensive

Automate Inventory in Depth

  • Maintain an evergreen inventory across all major proprietary and traditional IT control systems
  • Capture configuration data that IT-based approaches miss (I/O cards, firmware, control strategies, and more)
  • Enable automated configuration and patch management
  • Reduce manual inventory efforts by 90%
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Cyber Integrity