Inventory Management

PAS Cyber Integrity™ automates what IT-based solutions cannot: the collection and contextualization of both proprietary and traditional IT system configuration data including I/O cards, firmware, software installed, and control strategies into a single repository. A comprehensive, evergreen inventory is a prerequisite to establishing a security baseline, managing change, automating closed-loop patch management, supporting internal and external compliance requirements. Learn more >

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What is Your Corporate Exposure to a Published ICS-CERT Vulnerability?

Fact: A detailed inventory spanning proprietary control systems and traditional IT systems can mean the difference between minutes versus days when assessing vulnerability risk.

How quickly can you respond?

OT/ICS Cybersecurity: You Cannot Secure What You Cannot See

Read this paper for industry best practices to harden ICS cybersecurity, focusing on the first and most crucial step: ICS inventory management.

Making the Right Inventory Management Choice


  • Error prone
  • Stale
  • Resource intensive

ICS Vendor

  • Vendor-specific
  • Silo'd
  • Inconsistent


  • 20% coverage
  • Commodity
  • Circumventable
Cyber Integrity

Cyber Integrity

  • Automated OT & IT
  • Evergreen & efficient
  • Comprehensive

Automate Inventory in Depth

  • Maintain an evergreen inventory across all major proprietary and traditional IT control systems
  • Capture configuration data that IT-based approaches miss (I/O cards, firmware, control strategies, and more)
  • Enable automated configuration and patch management
  • Reduce manual inventory efforts by 90%
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Cyber Integrity