OT / ICS Cyber Integrity

Prevent, Detect, & Remediate OT / ICS Cybersecurity Threats


To mitigate risk, address compliance requirements, and improve process safety, companies must move from today’s IT-centric solutions to an OT/ICS-centric cybersecurity approach. Traditional IT endpoint cybersecurity tools address only 20% of OT/ICS-centric cyber assets, leaving proprietary, heterogeneous industrial control systems hidden and vulnerable. Unlike IT-centric tools, PAS Cyber Integrity protects all control systems (Level 3 - Level 0) against cyber threats.

Cyber Integrity leverages more than 25 years of deep OT asset management expertise to deliver the industry's most comprehensive cybersecurity solution to protect critical infrastructure.

Cyber Integrity:

  • Maintains a complete inventory of OT/ICS assets (Level 3 – Level 0) 
  • Identifies configuration changes against established baselines 
  • Provides continuous vulnerability management with patch level assessments
  • Identifies cybersecurity risks to both IT and OT/ICS endpoints 
  • Enables workflows and documentation for vulnerability remediations and compliance with NIST, ISA/IEC 62443, NERC-CIP, ISO27001/2, the NIS Directive, and other regulations
  • Accelerates recovery with backups of critical control system data and supports in-depth forensic analysis

For questions or to purchase Cyber Integrity, email info@pas.com.


  • Protects industrial control systems against cyber threats
  • Identifies critical endpoint vulnerabilities and risks 
  • Manages across all major control system manufacturers
  • Accelerates forensic analysis and incident response
  • Prevents unplanned shutdowns 
  • Enables rapid recovery


A modular solution with in-product expansion as OT security needs & maturity grow
  • Visibility: Cyber Integrity – Inventory
  • Vulnerability: Cyber Integrity – Vulnerability Management
  • Comprehensive OT Security & Risk Management: Cyber Integrity – Enterprise


OT-Centric Cybersecurity

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