OT / ICS Cyber Integrity

Prevent, Detect, & Remediate OT / ICS Cybersecurity Threats


To mitigate risk, address compliance requirements, and improve process safety, companies must move from today’s IT-centric solutions to an OT/ICS-centric cybersecurity approach. Traditional IT endpoint cybersecurity tools address only 20% of OT/ICS-centric cyber assets, leaving proprietary, heterogeneous industrial control systems hidden and vulnerable. Unlike IT-centric tools, PAS Cyber Integrity protects all control systems (Level 3 - Level 0) against cyber threats.

3-Minute Video Overview

Cyber Integrity:

  • Maintains a complete inventory of OT/ICS assets (Level 3 – Level 0) 
  • Ensures Sensor Data Integrity
  • Identifies configuration changes against established baselines 
  • Provides continuous vulnerability management with patch level assessments
  • Identifies cybersecurity risks to both IT and OT/ICS endpoints 
  • Enables workflows and documentation for vulnerability remediations and compliance with NIST, ISA/IEC 62443, NERC-CIP, ISO27001/2, the NIS Directive, and other regulations
  • Accelerates recovery with backups of critical control system data and supports in-depth forensic analysis

For questions or to purchase Cyber Integrity, email info@pas.com.


  • Protects industrial control systems against cyber threats
  • Identifies critical endpoint vulnerabilities and risks 
  • Manages across all major control system manufacturers
  • Accelerates forensic analysis and incident response
  • Prevents unplanned shutdowns 
  • Enables rapid recovery


A modular solution with in-product expansion as OT security needs & maturity grow
  • Visibility: Cyber Integrity – Inventory
  • Vulnerability: Cyber Integrity – Vulnerability Management
  • Comprehensive OT Security & Risk Management: Cyber Integrity – Enterprise


OT-Centric Cybersecurity

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